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Advisory & Project Design

The management of a real estate property requires the interaction among many professional expertises to be able to deal and solve the full range of aspects and unforeseen events connected with its life.

For the INTERPRO team, the real estate property is like a patient: it is examined in each part, its history and characteristics are studied, basically it undergoes a complete check up to determine all its potential and its flaws as well. This way each client’s requirement can be satisfied with clearness and certainty.

INTERPRO provides advisory services, which include strategic advice, acquisition of property, valuation services, including market value appraisals, discounted cash flow analyses, and feasibility opinions. The company also offers outsourcing services including transaction management, project management, facilities management, strategic consulting, portfolio management and asset services, such as property management, construction management, marketing, leasing, accounting, and financial services for office, industrial, and retail properties.