Starting Business

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One of the first elements that should be evaluated by an investor willing to set up in Italy is represented by the choice of the most suitable corporate form. It depends on the type of business activity (production and/or sale, provision of services or the promotion and representation) and the budget of the investment.In details the most significant elements to take into consideration are:

the capital that you want to invest;

the type of risk: the entrepreneur can decide whether to limit his/her liability to the subscribed capital or to involve his/her entire amount of assets;

organization: i.e. partnerships/corporations.

On the basis of assessment of the elements mentioned above, investors can to choose between: – Representative office; – Branch office of a foreign company (Branch); – Italian company (independent or controlled by foreign company: Subsidiary).


A representative office is an office established by a company to con-duct exclusively marketing and other non-transactional operations (such as market research and  promotional activity).


An Italian branch isa representative of the foreign company’s core businessincluding a permanent establish-ment in Italy with decision-making power. The Italian branch office is not a separate legal entity and the parent company is respon-sible for its initiatives.


Is an independent legal entity incorporated under the forms provided by the Italian jurisdiction, completely autonomous.

Legal company forms in Italy