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Tuscany has always been a land of research and innovation. Ideal for those who wish to realize revolutionary projects and carry out experiments in their core business. It is with the intention of creating opportunities and development that the Region of Tuscany has brought to life the Technological District of Life Sciences. A construct which brings together all of the public and private partners that are active in the sectors of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutriceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and ICT that are applied to life sciences.

Thanks to this District, numerous figures can relate to each other, realizing activities that are oriented toward the development of a sustainable economy aimed at the future of society and the planet. Exploiting the results of the research activities, supporting the creation of innovative startups, maintaining the production of a market of ideas, facilitating access to infrastructures and services that are present in the territory for companies, and supporting companies in identifying and anticipating strategic national and international trends are just some of the objectives of the Technological District of Life Sciences.

The District of Life Sciences

More than 350 member agencies, 16,000 employees, 12.7 billion euro of total annual sales, 2 billion euro in exports, 37,000 square meters of laboratories, more than 800 patents, 32 research infrastructures, 14 research bodies, and 6 service centers.

Florence, Pisa and Siena

These cities are Tuscany’s main metropolitan areas where Life Sciences are developed. A strong regional research system that sees about 30,000 new graduates each year specialized in technology and sciences sectors.

Leading macro sectors

Vaccines, Immunology, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Biorobotics
and Neurosciences.

Application Sectors

Microbiology, bioengineering, drug discovery and design, biomedicals, ICT applied to life sciences, nuclear medicine, animal models, 2D and 3D scaffolds, technologies for diagnosis, genetic analysis, bioanalytics, molecular biology, drug screening, pharmacokinetics, nanotechologies, and biobanking.

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The Tuscan Technological District of Life Sciences is the reality of reference at the national level. But it is more than just that. The district has the task of contributing to the growth of competitiveness in the territory by planning integrated research and development activities surrounding innovative projects, systematizing different constructs. Among the actors that are involved, we find companies in affiliated sectors (startups, spinoffs, SMEs, and the main players in the pharmaceutical industry); the Tuscan universities (Florence, Pisa, and Siena); the secondary schools (the Scuola di Alta Formazione Sant’Anna and Normale in Pisa and the Istituto di Alti Studi Imt di Lucca); the institutes of the CNR, the local health care agencies, the foundations, service centers, and other public and private research structures.


Member Agencies

4 Business Incubators

120 K Students

30 K Graduates in science



12.7 Billion

euro revenues


CNR Institutes

National Research Council


In Florence, Pisa
and Siena 


superior graduate schools


2 B

Euro export


Main focus areas

Vaccines, Oncology, cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Biorobotics

Already in Tuscany

Ely Lilly, GSK Vaccines, Menarini, Abiogen Pharma, Kedrion, Sebia, Biomérieux, Molteni Pharmaceuticals, Fareva, Baxter and more.

Public- Private strong sinergies

4 business Incubators. First in class public health system. Avibrant life sciences cluster.



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