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Futuristic jewels of the sea – fruit of the labors of a long production chain that runs from design to engine building, from innovation in materials up to the digital – they are the megayachts, the pride and joy of the nautical division of Tuscany. A creative universe, varied and rich in stimuli, the region’s nautical area constitutes a genuine goldmine of opportunity for those planning on investing in this sector. A full ninety out of the 250 megayachts that are registered in Italy were produced in Tuscany, making up 36% of the entire national production.

And the active production chain in the sector offers a broad range of professionalism that is highly specialized in different areas of application. Mechanics, fashion, furnishing, and engineering are just some of the areas that are involved, all of which operate in the region’s territory. There are twenty main international shipyards that are active in the nautical sector. Of those, six of them are headquartered in Tuscany. We are speaking of Azimut – Benetti, Sanlorenzo, Overmarine, Admiral Tecnomar, Fipa Group, and Cerri – Baglietto.

Those that Chose Tuscany

Azimut – Benetti, Sanlorenzo, Overmarine,
Admiral Tecnomar, Fipa Group and Cerri – Baglietto

Yachts in the Mediterranean

Out of the approximately 2.500 yachts that are permanently located in the Mediterranean, some one thousand of them over thirty meters in length navigate in Italian waters. It is estimated that after its production, a yacht is worth six times its price.

The Tuscany District for Nautical and Port Matters

The development of projects of innovation for a total value of 16 million euros over two years on subjects such as sensor technology, automation, port facilities, new materials, and electric propulsion.

Sector data

Leading factors
why to invest

A creative, flexible and exiting nautical sector

Tuscany produces 25 percent of all megayachts worldwide that are currently at sea. Number one in Italy for companies active within the territory and business volume in the nautical sector and second for the number of moorings equal to 25.000. Tuscany is a hotbed of opportunities aimed at the future and at innovation. With revenues of 1.8 billion euro, and 7.000 employees in the field, the region plays a top role at the national level.



300 km

of coast


of the italian
megayacht production



1st Place

for number of companies


2nd Place

for numbers of berths: 25.000


of the World’s top twenty main builders

Based on the ranking published by the american showboats international magazine

1,53 B

euro revenues in 2011

Business and investiment opportunities in:

Research and innovation thanks to the cluster of nautical science.

Wide range of skills, specializations and professions

Sinergy with mechanics, fashion, furnishing and engineering.

The growth of nautical tourism has resulted in:

The expansion of harbours along with repair and rental services.



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