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Super amortization regime

Supporting investments in new capital goods.

Law 2015, n.208 art. 1 c. 91-97


Companies, Trade Professionals and Artisans.


The incentive is granted in the form of a tax deduction in determining taxable income. i.e. Corporate Income Tax (Ires) and Personal Income Tax (Irpef).


A 40% increase in the tax deduction of the new and leased capital goods. Fiscal amortization charges will therefore increase their value by 40% compared to their book value, for the entire amortization period. The incentive also includes the purchase of any vehicle not exclusively used for the business.


Investments in purchasing new capital goods acquired between 15 October 2015 and 31 December 2016. The incentive is not applicable to new capital goods with a coefficient of amortization lower than 6.5%, buildings and construction, as well as some particular goods (i.e. water pipeline, domestic electricity grid, water supply, railroad and air travel materials).


Deductions related to applicable amortization must be itemized in the annual tax return.