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New Entrepreneurship

Interest Free for new Enterprises

Strengthening youth and female entrepreneurship in Italy by providing easier and faster access to financial support to small and micro enterprises.


Italian Micro and Small Enterprises, composed mostly of youth (18-35 years old) or of women (without age restrictions). Any Individual looking to establish a business.


Interest-free loan on funding which must last no longer than 8 years and cover a maximum 75% of the expenses.


Maximum amount €200.000 per company.


New enterprises established for less than 12 months
Any individual can apply for funding and must establish the enterprise within 45 days from the date of approval.

The maximum amount of the investment program is €1.5 million.

The beneficiaries must cover 25% of the costs with their own resources.


Applications for grants can be made according to the procedures and through forms downloaded from the Invitalia website.