for centuries
in the future.


Imagine an extraordinary land,
cradle of revolutionary projects and great ideas.
The ideal place in which to invest and make
your business grow.



It is the union of unique areas, ancient knowledge,
and innovative paths that has led to the birth of the
extraordinary quality of Tuscan agrifood products.



The land of fashion production:since time immemorial
the Tuscany of style has been synonymous with creativity,
innovation, and Made in Italy craftsmanship.



Thanks to the continuous collaboration
between companies, research centers,
academies, and the public administration,
Tuscany is a leading region in innovation
in the ICT sector.

Life Sciences


A land of research and innovation from time immemorial,
Tuscany is the headquarters of the Technological District of Life Sciences,
a construct of excellence at the international level.

Yacht Building


Number one in Italy for companies active within the territory
and business volume and second for the number of moorings,
nautical Tuscany is a hotbed of opportunity.



The tourism offering of Tuscany knows no equal.
We find ourselves in a territory that is ideal
for all those who decide to invest in the area of tourism.



Two international airports, a large commercial port,
the possibility of reaching Rome, Milan,
and Venice in a little more than three hours
thanks to high speed.

Smart Industry


Mechatronic Automation
& Robotics

Transport & Mobility


Mobility Sector Automotive,
Two Wheels, and Railway

Invest in Tuscany,
Invest in Values

Is not just a book to be browsed on electronic devices: the e-book is divided into 16 chapters, each one dedicated to one of the multinational companies present in the area and is designed as a portal providing access to a series of multimedia products

Why invest in Tuscany?

There are at least 7 good reasons
to locate your business in Tuscany


1. A dynamic and diversified economy. Thanks to a per capita GDP higher than the national and European averages, and a deep-rooted tradition in the production, design, and marketing of Made in Italy products. 2. A vast pool of talent. Ensured by the excellent university system capable of guaranteeing a higher level of education and research than the national average. 3. Central location in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin. Easy access to a large consumer market.

4. A regional government “open for business”. The Tuscan regional system has always shown particular attention to promoting legislation in support of investors. 5. In the region of Tuscany, the cost of living is highly competitive: costs are lower than the national and European average. 6. Key sectors. An economic environment that includes Life Science, Fashion, Digital & ICT, Yacht Building, Logistics, Agribusiness, Tourism, Smart Industry, Transport & Mobility, and Prestigious Assets. 7. An Outstanding quality of life. In terms of the environment, health, safety, leisure, business, and employment… Tuscany offers a unique cultural and natural environment, perfect for attracting and retaining top talent.


An incentive is a key,a tiny object with
astonishing power to change a situation


Have a reliable and comfortable assessment
with our partners and set up your business in Tuscany

Resouces & tools

Useful guides and tips to approach
to Tuscany’s business world

Business Locations

Enterprise landing locations
to set up in Tuscany

Tuscany has so much
to offer

Start up your business in one
of the most attractive and smart regions in Italy



A dynamic and diversified economy



A vast pool
of talent


Central location in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin



A regional government open to business








An Outstanding quality of life


Invest in Tuscany


Overview of the regional
context and its opportunities



Capital city


A region internationally renowned for
Fashion and Made in Italy, tourism (historic sites, art cities,
nature), processed and agricultural products
(ceramics, precious metals, wine, olive oil…)
quality of life

Manufacturing tradition
Industrial districts: fashion-design, textiles, marble, wood,
furniture, paper, boat building, jewelry

Skills, research, development & innovation
3 universities (Florence, Pisa, Siena), 3 institutes of higher education, 12 technology clusters, 17 National Research Council (CNR)

Institutes FDIs
> 7.4k local units of foreign and italian multinationals.

10 main cities
Florence, Pisa, Livorno, Lucca, Siena, Pistoia, Arezzo,
Grosseto, Massa, and Prato.

3 international ports
Livorno, Piombino, Carrara

2 main international airports with more than forty destinations
Florence, Pisa
Among the busiest routes are Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam,
Munich, Zurich, Madrid, London, and Brussels.


Area km2

3.7 M


54.8 B

Export Euro


GDP per Capita




Life Sciences

Yacht Building


Smart Industry

Transport & Mobility


Prestigious Assets

Business Locations


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Thanks to a €9 million investment, bioMérieux has inaugurated its new research and development center in Bagno a Ripoli, which will involve ...