Thanks to a €9 million investment, bioMérieux has inaugurated its new research and development center in Bagno a Ripoli, which will involve the hiring of about 30 new employees, strengthening its presence in Italy since 1987.

 According to the Vice President and General Manager of Adriatic bioMérieux Italia, bioMérieux currently employs 310 people and, thanks to this investment, will be able to increase its staff by approximately 10% through the reorganization of production lines and the creation of new research and development spaces equipped with advanced technologies.

The new bioMérieux hub is dedicated to developing innovative diagnostic solutions to combat antibiotic resistance, a growing problem caused by ‘superbugs’.

In Bagno a Ripoli, the multinational is already developing tools capable of quickly and accurately analyzing human samples to identify bacteria, molds, and fungi, thereby supporting medical personnel in selecting the most effective treatments. 

Additionally, the facility will house the production of the Vitek Ms Prime, an advanced diagnostic system based on mass spectrometry, which enables the rapid identification of microbial species in biological samples.