From June 3rd to 6th in San Diego, California, the BIO International Convention will take place, the world’s largest event for biotechnology, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

The previous edition recorded about 1500 exhibitors and over 20,000 visitors from 73 different countries, confirming itself as an unmissable event for the sector.

This year, the convention offers over 100 sessions distributed across 18 areas of interest, creating a unique platform for companies, investors, public and private entities to meet, build new networks and relationships, and share knowledge and innovations in the sector.

Invest in Tuscany will be present throughout the event, ready to meet leading companies in the sector and showcase the numerous investment opportunities in the Tuscan territory. Tuscany, in fact, has a long history of research and innovation. The Life Sciences sector plays a crucial role in regional competitiveness, with a turnover of over 12 billion euros, more than 6 billion in exports, and 32 research institutes. These figures make Tuscany the fourth Italian region for investments in research and development (R&D).

Tuscany is not only the heart of Italy and Europe but also a hub for innovation in the Life Sciences sector. The region boasts over 337,000 companies, 7,400 local units of Italian and foreign multinationals, and 1.6 million people employed. With a GDP of 115 billion euros (2021) and an export of 54.8 billion euros (2022), Tuscany positions itself as one of the most dynamic and competitive regions.

The region is also recognized worldwide for its research and quality in the fields of vaccines and human health, with specific research infrastructures and a top-tier innovative ecosystem.

Tuscany is the fourth region in Italy for the number of researchers and R&D investments by universities. Tuscan pharmaceutical companies are highly specialized in R&D, significantly contributing to the region’s prominent position in the sector.