Baker Hughes has recently launched the Apuane Learning Center at its Massa facility, introducing a substantial training and skill development infrastructure designed to foster economic growth and attract forward-thinking talent. The inauguration, attended by both the company’s executives and local government officials, highlighted Baker Hughes’ substantial commitment to enhancing the regional economic landscape.

Spanning over 800 square metres, the centre is built to accommodate up to 200 individuals and is equipped with six versatile training rooms along with various other spaces. This centre is set to operate in collaboration with the Florence Learning Center, further strengthening the synergy between Baker Hughes’ Tuscan manufacturing sites and regional partners.

This new training hub is part of Baker Hughes’ broader strategic investment, which has infused approximately 120 million euros into its Massa and Avenza plants over the last five years. This investment has been channelled towards increasing production capacities and elevating standards of safety, sustainability, and quality. The company’s workforce across these two locations totals about 2,600, encompassing both direct and indirect employees.

The Apuane Learning Center will also serve the wider community, offering its facilities for the training of the company’s commercial and industrial partners, as well as for local organisations and associations wanting to host their own events. Moreover, it will support collaborative projects with prestigious Italian universities such as those in Florence, Pisa, and Genoa, and is part of the educational initiatives like Neomech23 with ITS Prime.

The ongoing expansion efforts at Baker Hughes’ production facilities in Massa and Avenza illustrate the company’s ongoing dedication to the region. With recent additions of new production lines and planned expansions of existing facilities, the company aims to increase its module construction areas from 19 to 23 by the end of 2024, with plans for further expansion to 27 areas already in motion.