2017 marked a significant milestone in the Tuscan wine scene with the acquisition of the Poggio Antico winery in Montalcino by Belgian entrepreneur Marcel Van Poecke, owner of investment company AtlasInvest.

Now, Van Poecke is furthering his commitment to the region by constructing a new winery, with renowned Florentine architect Marco Casamonti at the helm. Casamonti, known for his award-winning Antinori winery in Chianti Classico and other notable projects in Tuscany, is entrusted with the design.

The new winery project entails an investment exceeding €25 million, underscoring the pivotal role of foreign investments in Tuscany’s economic fabric.

Motivations behind this decision include the need to handle smaller vinification volumes for enhanced wine quality and adopting a production system that reduces environmental impact, such as a total gravity system.

This new production approach will soon introduce the first ‘Vigna i Poggi’ 2019 label to the market, symbolizing the brand’s and the surrounding territory’s new identity.

The winery’s design reflects a commitment to respecting and integrating with the surrounding landscape, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Plans include partially burying the structure, repurposing existing buildings, and utilizing renewable energies, showcasing a tangible commitment to preserving the region’s natural beauty.