In Tuscany, the agricultural scene is undergoing a remarkable international transformation, boasting nearly 3,000 foreign-led agricultural businesses—a striking 18.6% increase since 2019. This surge, counteracting the general decline in Italian-led agricultural enterprises (-2.9%), reflects a powerful and double-digit upswing, as reported by Coldiretti Tuscany.

Tuscany not only attracts renowned farmers and successful entrepreneurs investing in its agri-food sector but has also become a dream destination for immigrants transitioning from employees to entrepreneurs, achieving genuine social and economic integration. Data from the Chamber of Commerce Tuscany Northwest reveals a two-percentage-point increase in the incidence of foreign agricultural businesses over three years, rising from 6% to 8%.

These businesses, along with their associated foreign workers, play a vital role, supporting half of the region’s agricultural production and facilitating generational turnover, particularly in remote and challenging areas.

Maremma leads with the highest number of foreign-led agricultural businesses (765), while Pistoia boasts the highest incidence, with 387 businesses, representing 12% of the sector’s total activity. Prato follows closely with 52 businesses, accounting for 9%.

Within these business lie compelling stories of dedication, hard work, and resilience, showcasing the journeys of individuals who have earned the respect and support of the local community. These narratives include instances of individuals returning to Italy, reconnecting with their roots and ancestral heritage. Residents have chosen to reside in various regions, contributing to the diverse tapestry of the agricultural landscape.

These stories embody the spirit of perseverance and success within Tuscany’s evolving agricultural community.