The thousand-year history of vaccines is now accessible to all. In an era marked by the fear of Covid and the frantic wait for a definitive vaccine, the initiative inaugurated today at the GSK Siena site offers a unique opportunity. The Siena Vaccine Science Centre, a space dedicated to the science of vaccines, is finally open to the public by reservation, welcoming students and external visitors on an interactive journey through the main stages of the history of vaccines.

GSK, a name synonymous with innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, is committed to an ambitious mission: to anticipate diseases and prevent them with vaccines, specialist drugs and generic therapies. GSK’s research and development center in Siena, together with the Rosia production site, have represented excellence in the field of international vaccinia for over a century. With over 2,500 collaborators from around the world, these two sites form a single entity dedicated to vaccine development, with a particular focus on bacterial vaccines. 

The history of this center of excellence dates back to the pioneering work of Achille Sclavo, a luminary in the field of life sciences since the early 1900s. The Sienese territory, thanks to Sclavo’s legacy, has become one of the world capitals of vaccines. This center is a starting point for science and history enthusiasts, a place that blends historical materials, virtual reconstructions and interactive activities, offering a scientifically rigorous overview of how vaccines work, where they come from and how they have evolved over the course of time. 

A tribute to the vision of pioneers like Achille Sclavo and an invitation to all of us to explore the deep roots of vaccine science, to appreciate the present and to look towards the future with confidence.