The DIESSE Biotech Campus (DBC) in Monteriggioni, Italy, is officially open and is Italy’s largest Biotech Research & Development and Production centre dedicated to in vitro diagnostic devices.

BDC is the first Italian Industry 5.0 production company in its sector and built upon lean manufacturing principles, a white economy, and sustainability. The new campus was realised within two years, exceeds a 25 million euro investment, and is characterised by its minimal ecological footprint and its ability to generate energy.

As President of the Regione Toscana, Eugenio Giani, expressed, “This 25 million investment marks a significant stride in the development of our region”, as it will, once fully operational, employ a workforce of two hundred individuals, offering highly qualified employment opportunities and contributing to the vitality of the surrounding work environment. 

Furthermore, the CEO of DIESSE, Massimiliano Boggetto emphasised the human-centric approach of the campus, focusing on the core values of People, Planet, and Prosperity to obtain innovative immune system diagnostic solutions.