For the projects of Baker Hughes Nuovo Pignone, the Ministry authorizes an investment of 28.5 million euros. A “push” to the Tuscan excellence made of energy transition, research and development.

Green light from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to an investment of 28.5 million euros, of which 7.7 made available by Mise and almost two by the Region of Tuscany, for a project to develop technologies and products to support the energy transition of Baker Hughes Nuovo Pignone.

This decision consolidates a historical and qualified presence as that of Nuovo Pignone and Baker Hughes in Florence and Tuscany, with positive effects also on induced activities. Investing in R&D and new technologies, is the key to maintain competitiveness in the future of Made in Italy. It is done in collaboration with research centers and universities, with a virtuous teamwork where innovation is combined with the ‘green’ turn, and creates new qualified jobs, especially engineers and specialized technicians. A good sign for the future of the Tuscan economy.

A look at history

Nuovo Pignone, from the early fifties and under the aegis of Eni, was then privatized. It passed to the American multinational General Electrics in 1993, and today Baker Hughes has its heart in Florence, where four thousand people work and two production plants in Massa and Avenza.

An absolute reference point for the economy of the Region, a center of excellence for the design and construction of turbines and compressors for the energy market thanks to the technological heritage of Nuovo Pignone. Only in Tuscany did Baker Hughes generate a value equal to 4.6 percent of the GDP in recent years, providing work – on the basis of a study by Irpet, the economic planning institute of the Region – to about 36,000 people between direct and induced employees (54,000 on a national scale).