Kedrion Biopharma, a leading biotech company with strong roots in Tuscany, is working on an anti-Coronavirus therapy that uses plasma from patients cured of Covid-19. We are talking about a probability of effectiveness close to 90 – 95% and only 3 – 6 months expected for the availability of the cure.

Use convalescent plasma, donated by people who have overcome the disease and therefore rich in anti-virus antibodies. In the past, many diseases took advantage from this type of treatment. This has led the biotech company to concentrate resources and investments in order to have a concentrate of hyperimmune immunoglobulins with a high content of specific antibodies neutralizing Sars-CoV-2 over a period of 3-6 months, able to fight the disease in serious symptomatic cases and, in the future, to block the evolution of symptoms both in patients already hospitalized with Covid-19 and in subjects at greater risk.

The same therapy has previously been successfully used to improve the survival rate of patients with equally severe acute respiratory syndromes due to other coronaviruses, such as Sars and Mers, and to reduce their hospital stay.


Kedrion Biopharma
Lucca, Tuscany