Properties of Terme di Montecatini Spa

Terme di Montecatini - "Terme Torretta"

Terme Torretta  took  its  name from a neo-medieval tower ; it was  built in 1829 and remained private until 1916, when it was unifed  with  nearby Terme Rinfresco. In 1904 the architect Giulio Bernardini built the present  building,  adding  a neo-Renaissance portico inspired by the Florentine Quattrocento models. It is   surrounded by a large park.

The property is located   into subzone  F3 / A “Existing Thermal Equipment”. It includes the part of the Municipal Territory, affected by the  thermal compendium, where are located plants, equipment and services for spas and leisure.

Terme di Montecatini - "Terme Torretta"


  • Property: Terme di Montecatini S.p.A.
  • Availability: Intended for sale by public auction
  • Total gross area: 27,690  sqm
  • Building: 880 sqm
  • Current use:  the property is currently not in use.
  • Present condition:  the buildings  need extraordinary maintenance and restoration;
    the park need cleaning works.

In that subarea  destinations and functions related to the complete and  support the spa offer are allowable  and you can take action by direct title for operations up to the category of building renovation. Implementation plan for a category higher than the building renovation, in compliance with the provisions of the Structure Plan. The foregoing is without prejudice to the provisions of Art. 46 of the laws for historical / architectural value properties.. Works on the historic park, on  the buildings with monumental restrictions  and  on landscape properties  under law. 42/2004 (Code of cultural heritage and landscape) must comply with articles 12 and 20 of the Structure Plan, must respect the  Article 81 of Regional Law 1/2005 and obtain appropriate and prior authorization according  to the above code. Allowed  use according to  the present  City planning rules: Thermal  and spa tourism –Sport tourism – Recreational tourism –  Cultural tourism – Artistic tourism –  Naturalistic tourism

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Marisa Baccaro
+39 0572 778401

Terme di Montecatini - Terme Torretta

Via della Torretta, 16, 51016 Montecatini Terme PT, Italia