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Terme di Montecatini - "Terme Leopoldine"

TermeLeopoldine was built in 1775 after the will of Granduke Leopold of Tuscany,  from a project of Arch. Gasparo Maria Paoletti; it has a neoclassic style, along the “Bath Avenue” (today Viale Verdi), and around the 23 mt. large circle shape  crater of Leopoldina thermal water, the warmest thermal water of the city.

The project provided  the present design, with a Doric colonnade , incorporated in the building in 1922. Arch. Ugo Giovannozzi made a new project in 1917, maintaining the façade, soon   became the symbol of the “thermal treatments” , adding behind it two buildings with two floors each, making a U shape design: so the colonnade had a new importance, and even the inside  area was modified  with marble, stuccos and two monumental   stairs leading to the upper floor,  to give the visitors an effect image . In the courtyard it was built  the stone  ring around the pool and the stairs to reach it.

Terme di Montecatini - "Terme Leopoldine"


  • Property: Terme di Montecatini S.p.A.
  • Availability: Intended for sale or Concession by public auction
  • Total GLA: 15.900 sqm   (inside: 9.900 sqm)
  • Total GIA: 8500 sqm
  • Total GLA: 7752 sqm
  • Floor details: Cellar: 2.000 sqm; groundfloor: 2.500 sqm ; first floor: 2.500; second floor: 1.500;
  • State of maintenance:. Under reconstruction

Detailed  description of the property  – area
The building complex is situated at the easter side of the thermal park, with a U shaped symmetrical configuration, both inside and outside . The central part belongs to the original building , while the two wings have been added later. The three bodies of the building bound a courtyard with a large travertine pool in the centre , (diameter of 23,50 meters), raised from the ground, to collect the spring of the Leopoldine  therapeutic waters .

Constraints: Decree 492/04, part II

Territory information (description and images  of the  urban environment  and territory where  the property is located): The property is located near the centre of Montecatini, in a pedestrian zone. The Montecatini Centro train station is 1,2 km away, the Montecatini Terme railway station is 1,7 km away, and the A11 motorway exit is about 2 km away. The Florence airport is 42 km away and the Pisa Airport at 63 km.

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Terme di Montecatini - Terme Leopoldine

Viale Verdi  67- 51016 Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) – Italy