The transformation involves a set of craft workshops mainly located in the interior of a freestanding block with access from Via G. Zanella, near the district of Oltrarno. The premises are no longer suitable for the activity that takes place in them, especially because of accessibility problems with heavy vehicles that have to stop for loading and unloading in Via G. Zanella. A complete transformation is proposed with a  comprehensive change of use of the private service assets, which includes a wide range of activities that do not require constant the permanent presence of people and at the same time do not generate an excessive
planning strain, with the recovery of the buildings forming the historic backdrop and the demolition and reconstruction of the remainder. The image below refers to a maximum study of the distribution of buildings and open spaces.

  • Ownership Type: Private 
  • Province: Firenze 
  • Address: Via Giacomo Zanella, 50124 Firenze FI, Italy 

Floor area

  • Gross Floor Area: 4,500 


  • Services: 4,500 


  • Year of construction: 1950