Ex Officine Grandi Riparazioni

This transformation affects the residual area of the rail compendium of Porta al Prato, once occupied by the Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR) and the goods yard. Following a long process of re-appropriation by the city of the areas occupied by the railway operations, to date a large part of the railway complex has still remained to be redeveloped, situated between the residential neighborhood Leopolda Paisiello, the New Opera House, the Macinante channel and Via delle Cascine. The city demand that has generated more and more in this place, as a result of specific transformations of the former railway station area supports the transformation of the compendium into a new settlement with mainly residential use, along with a mix of commercial, tourist accommodation, office functions. The project is closely related to forecasting infrastructures that cross the area: the viability of penetration Rosselli Pistoia and the tram line 4, in place of the railway track Firenze Porta al Prato Pisa. The presentation picture shows a possible study of inclusion in the urban context.


  • Availability: For Sale 
  • By Public Auction: Yes 
  • Ownership Type: Public body 
  • Province: Firenze 
  • Address: Viale Fratelli Rosselli, Firenze FI, Italy 

Floor area

  • Gross Floor Area: 54,000 


  • Residential: 32,400 
  • Retail: 4,860 
  • Services: 8,640 
  • Tourism: 8,100 


  • Year of construction: 1.920 
  • Restrictions: Area subjected to protection as per Italian Legislative (Decree 42/2004)