Ex Enel Salvagnoli

The property lies within the historic nucleus, is placed in the nineteenth-century context of the Piazza Indipendenza, although of a later period (early twentieth century). Headquarters of Enel’s offices until their transfer which took place in 2004, since then it is unused. As regards localization and morphology, it is adeguate to be transformed into a offices and private services by relatively modest works given the configuration of the building, and the internal distribution that can lend itself to the new function with few changes.


  • Ownership Type: Private 
  • Province: Firenze 
  • Address: Via Vincenzo Salvagnoli, - Firenze (Città Metropolitana di Firenze) 

Floor area

  • Gross Floor Area: 3,200 


  • Services: 3,200 


  • Year of construction: 1930